COMSOFT Solutions provides AMHS inter-regional-gateway for SAM region

Venezuela to receive major AMHS upgrade from Comsoft Solutions[more]


Estonia contracts COMSOFT Solutions for major AIM upgrade

COMSOFT Solutions will provide Estonia with a SWIM ready AIM solution facilitating the next steps in the ICAO AIS to AIM roadmap[more]


COMSOFT Solutions and SITA work together to ensure flight safety

SITA-AMHS gateway assists XML data exchange to support enhanced air traffic management [more]


SMATSA chooses COMSOFT Solutions for AMHS and ARTAS upgrade

COMSOFT Solutions provides enhanced functionality, reliability and performance with the upgrade of AMHS and EUROCONTROL's ARTAS Tracker for Serbia and Montenegro [more]


Improved flight plan quality with COMSOFT Solutions AIM

COMSOFT Solutions enhances its AIM with an Initial Flight Plan Processing System (IFPS) module[more]


Slovakia enhances AMHS performance with COMSOFT Solutions

COMSOFT Solutions completes AMHS upgrade for Slovak Air Navigation Services Provider, LPS [more]


COMSOFT Solutions unveils new Business Unit Managers

COMSOFT Solutions strengthens future development with new company structure[more]