CAUG Stakeholders and Membership

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This information provides details on stakeholders and membership in the Collaborative Aeronautical User Group (CAUG).


As the operator of an aeronautical messaging product from the Frequentis Group, your organisation is by default a stakeholder of the CAUG.


CAUG stakeholders are entitled to register members of their organisation as their representatives to the CAUG. Organisations’ CAUG representatives are henceforth referred to as CAUG members.To register a CAUG member, a person authorised by the CAUG stakeholder should submit the full name, position and email address of the intended CAUG member for the attention of info(at)

Registrations remain valid until explicitly revoked by the CAUG member or by a person authorised by the respective CAUG stakeholder, until the relationship between the CAUG stakeholder and member is terminated, or until the CAUG stakeholder discontinues the operation of the related aeronautical messaging product from the Frequentis Group. An explicit revocation of membership should be addressed to info(at)


Registered CAUG members enjoy several benefits:

  • You have free, unrestricted access to the members’ area of the CAUG homepage, providing you with news, dates and further information on meetings, messaging products and CAUG members.
  • You will automatically receive invitations to, and information about, upcoming meetings of the CAUG.
  • If you are unable to attend the meetings, you will be able to review the presentations given during those meetings.
  • Occasionally, you will receive mailings presenting highlights of aeronautical messaging, related products and news regarding the CAUG.

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